Does Online Dating Actually Work? Only If You Do It Right!

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“Find out if the match making algorithm really works or not”

Hands down, online dating is the most convenient way to meet people nowadays. This might be the Internet curse that most of us have to contend with. If statistics is to be believed, a substantial number of people who have social media profiles often make use of top internet dating sites to find potential partners. Whether single, married or on the verge of a messy divorce, there is not an iota of doubt that most favor online dating rather than doing it the traditional way. Don’t get me wrong as there are still who do bar hookups or friends and family match-making. But come on, who would want to do all that when you can simply create a profile and shop for a partner – literally. With thousands of profiles to pursue and a lot of potentials right before your eyes, your only mission now is how to make this endeavor work to your favor.

Choosing Top Internet Dating Sites

Your first concern, however, is to pursue top Internet dating sites that have success stories and high ratings. There are thousands of choices out there and, often, most of the discouraged novices give up on their first try without even researching which site will work best for them. You need to remember that online dating is not a catchall as each site bestows unique match-making algorithm. If you must, try to sign-up for at least three romance sites. Make sure that each site has its own unique “flavor.” If all you want is fun, steer clear of “serious” sites and vice-versa. This way, you can easily realize which one can work according to your mission.

Jumpstart Your Search with an Appealing Profile


“Make an attractive profile”

Whether you like it or not, a profile is requirement in all top internet dating sites. Your objective should be to create one with a hint of mystery. Your screen name should perfectly resemble who you are. If you love metaphysics and favor the number 10, “dreamcatcher10″ has a nice ring to it. Invest on a good profile picture. Make sure it is recent and lifelike. Women find it suspicious looking at an old high school photo or one where you are surrounded with friends.
Make your tagline catchy and creative. Women often find it icky when men use a tag line like “lonely guy looking for lonely gals” or “superman looking for his super girl”. Funny but these taglines are used for real. Just be yourself. Exude positivism in both your words and pictures. Nothing ignites a woman’s interest than the vision of a guy who can make her happy. In all things else, be as honest as you can be. There is no sense using somebody else’s name or picture when your goal is to find a prospective partner and meet them in person later on. The key in a successful profile is in properly branding yourself. Be you and everything falls into place.

Your Responses Count Big Time


“Send appropriate responses in a timely manner”

Try not to be a lurker or that creepy Uncle every girl had a nightmare growing up. You are downright creepy when you keep on sending sexual messages to girls who are more or less as old as your daughter. For top internet dating sites which have forum pages or chat rooms, practice a little decorum. When someone “poke” or send you a message, be polite and courteous. Respond to formal messages and junk those sexually-charged ones (unless you like it, too). Even if you are not interested, it would still be polite to send back a response. When responding to private messages, always remember to use correct grammar, spelling and overall sentence structure. Slangs and internet lingos are great in actual conversations but when trying to connect with someone online, this could create a wide gap leading to miscommunication. We all know how nice it is to shorten messages like GBU for God bless you or TC for take care. But for heaven’s sake, you are writing at most a short paragraph, at least, do it the right way. Women adore men who know how to write. Be reminded though that Shakespeare’s style of writing can be confusing, too. Practice clear-cut and simple lines instead when trying to send a message across.

Show Interest, Ask the Right Questions


“Ask more questions to convey your interest”

It is important to ask the right questions. This is one best way of showing that you are interested. There is a thin line that divides interest and suspicion. You would not want the other person to suspect your intentions. A few intelligent questions would not hurt. Questions that are well thought out will give the other person enough reason to respond and spill something about her own interests. You can ask about hobbies and fetish by connecting it to yours like “I love watching Game of Thrones, how about you? What is your favorite television series or movie?” This is so much like conversing with someone in real life. Instead of being an active listener, be an active reader.

Keep Your Options Open

The key in better understanding and of finding someone that you can connect with is to keep your mind open to the possibilities. You need to understand that no two people are alike in this world. Perfect partners exist only in our dreams. We all have flaws and imperfections. Your prospect might not be your ideal all-American girl or the Asian next-door but if you keep your doors wide open, you will eventually welcome someone interesting in your life soon. Your enjoyment and success in any of the top internet dating sites lies on your hands. There are very good sites on the internet, you can read the online dating website reviews and choose the top internet dating sites. The goal here is to keep your options always open.

Reminder: This Is Not a Race

There is no trophy waiting for one who was able to snag a date a few hours after posting a profile. You might have to wait for a week or more to finally connect to someone who interests you and vice versa. There is also no deadline on when you should find a date. You can stay as long as you like.
The secret to a successful online dating is rather the other way around. Take things slow. In the same way as meeting someone for real, knowing a person requires time and effort. This is even more so in a place as superficial as the Internet. Everyone is always suspected of lying or cheating. The best way for you to dig down deeper to a person’s personality is to take things in stride. Communication is the key that opens to a myriad of possibilities.

Online Dating No-Nos

If there are Do’s, obviously, there are also “Don’ts” that you need to know. One might be that shirtless profile picture of yours flexing a seemingly slithering snake of an arm muscle. Not that being a body-builder is low but rather that you have plenty of options to show how buff you are without being too blatant. When engaging in private message exchanges, do not try too hard or come in too strong. The way you handle yourself in online conversation is akin to how you would behave in actual life. At best, it is never right to show a woman how desperate you are for that actual date. Sending tons of messages in a day without caring for her response can be like forcing her on a corner for you to pound at. On another side, rejecting someone should not be done in an insulting fashion. Least you forget, nothing is more dangerous than a woman scorned – the hard way. Last but not least, never be too cocky. No one would want a guy who loves talking about nothing but him.

Be reminded that there is never an assurance of finding true love in any of the top internet dating sites. This thought, however, should not curtail your mission of becoming part of those success stories you love reading over and over again. At the end of the day, the idea of meeting interesting people, making new friends and, hopefully, finding that one person you want to spend the rest of your life will make all your efforts worthwhile.

Ditch That Smoking Habit for Good

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Most smokers who want to quit find out eventually that it is never easy. Knowing this, the tips listed below may be helpful only if dedication, discipline and commitment are fully considered.

A powerful but cautious resolve is needed

  • You should have a very powerful and personal reason for quitting. This is to get you motivated. Knowing that it is harmful for you isn’t good enough. It could be that you want to look and feel younger, you are scared of getting lung cancer or you want to protect your family from the dangers of secondhand smoke. Whatever it is, your reason should be strong enough to overcome the urge to smoke

  • Trying to go cold turkey won’t usually work. Many people who attempt this without proper medication or therapy end up relapsing. This is due to nicotine addiction in which the brain becomes so used to having nicotine that it actually craves for it. Symptoms of withdrawal often occur when you try to quit outright.

Ditch the Smoking Habit

Ditch the Smoking Habit

Support is necessary

  • When you do feel the withdrawal symptoms, it can be frustrating and depressing. Nicotine-replacement therapy can help reduce these irritating feelings. There are studies that show that nicotine-replacement in the form of lozenges, gums or patches can greatly increase the chances of quitting successfully, especially when used together with an intensive behavioral program.

  • You may ask your doctor about prescription medications to help quit without using products containing nicotine. These help reduce the cravings and some even help reduce the withdrawal symptoms.

  • Tell your family or friends that you are trying to quit. Their encouragement and accountability could help you make a difference. You may also try to join a forum or a support group. Or you may talk to a counselor.

Be Vigilant

  • One of the reasons why people smoke is to relieve stress. Nicotine helps them relax. Once you quit, you will need another means to cope with stress. So if possible, avoid stressful situations once you have decided to quit. Then try listening to relaxing music, learning yoga or tai chi, or getting regular massages when you do get stressed.

  • Some activities may trigger your urge or craving to smoke. Drinking alcohol is one, so try drinking less when you first quit. Avoid other triggers too. For example, if you usually smoke after meals, do something instead like chewing gum. If drinking coffee boosts your urge to smoke, drink tea instead.

  • Get moving because physical activity helps reduce nicotine cravings and eases withdrawal symptoms. You may go jogging or simply walking the dog or doing some gardening. Even mild activities are still helpful.

  • Get rid of anything that will remind you of smoking or of cigarettes. Throw away your lighters and ashtrays. Use air fresheners to get rid of the familiar odor in your home. Wash any clothes that smell like smoke.

In Depth: Unhealthy Habits You Need To Ditch - Smoking -

In Depth: Unhealthy Habits You Need To Ditch – Smoking -

Reward and Reinforce

  • By quitting, you will have saved some money. Reward yourself by spending it on something memorable and fun.

  • Never give up. Try again and again. As stated earlier, relapses are common and many smokers try several times before actually succeeding. Carefully examine the circumstances that made you relapse and use it to reaffirm your commitment to quit smoking. Then set another target date of quitting for the next week or month.

How to Make Money with Stocks and Bonds

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The year 2013 marks the year of great investment opportunities especially in bonds and stocks. With the help of experienced financial analysts like me, you can be one of the best investors who will be counting millions of dollars at the end of the year. Making money with stocks and bonds starts with proper analysis of the specific securities you wish to buy in terms of months, quarters or even a year. This is what we call the fundamental and technical analysis of stocks and bonds. Keeping in mind the higher the risk the higher the returns, you should know the mixture of which securities portfolios to purchase with an aim of maximizing returns.

Bonds are instruments, which mature after a certain period, typically thirty years. Bonds have an interest rate, which reflects the value of money at the maturity date. On the other hand, stocks are investment instruments made in a short term and usually have high returns depending on the conditions of the market. Good market conditions leads to higher returns. According to current market conditions, this is the best times to invest in these securities. At the end of the year, if you invest in a bond you are guaranteed a fixed interest which according to the market will definitely be high. In stocks we are never sure until the end of the year when you will reap your millions depending on the market conditions.

Internet has also changed how investors do their trading. Currently it is possible for the investors to place online request by having control on the movements of both bonds and stocks. This has eliminated the significance of a broker thus lowering the cost of investing on these securities. Discipline is a significant virtue that needs to be exercised when investing in stocks and bonds. Shares are usually indeterminate and can produce losses or gains at any time. Never should you trade with fear as this may lead to wrong trading decisions.

Create Money Now: You Will Make Money From Stocks and Bonds

Create Money Now: You Will Make Money From Stocks and Bonds

An investor who invests in shares makes money his or her through dividends while in bonds is through interest. The payments are done on annual basis through distribution. Depending on the management decision, the investors sometimes get cash payments or alternatively capital appreciation when interest paid is reinvested back to the business. Inflation and currency devaluation are the key factors to consider when investing in stocks and bonds. High inflation may make the value of the returns be low in the long run as opposed to low inflation rates. These factors have made many investors to start investing in gold as well as other precious metals.

Trading How To Make Money

Trading How To Make Money

In this year, in order to make money through stocks and bonds, you must learn the general sensitive information about the company’s securities before you venture in these securities. Make sure you also diversify the portfolio of your investment to increase the returns. In conclusion, I can never tell which are the best bonds and stocks to invest in to make money because it depends on the forces of demand and supply of the market.

Planning To Start Your Own Web-Based Business? Here’s How!

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One of the best ways for anyone to finally gain financial freedom is for you to start your own web-based business. What’s great about a business of this nature is that you can do all the work yourself, lowering down startup expenses all the more. You don’t even need to be technical savvy to turn your computer/laptop into a money-making machine. It all starts with a great idea, and once you get the ball rolling, you can very well start to sit back, relax, and watch how the cash can flow in.

Of course, earning a large profit doesn’t happen overnight. Like anything else, you need to work hard on your web-based business in order to become successful. So how can you turn an idea into a reality? Keep on reading to find out.

Work Out A Plan

Any venture, big or small, needs a solid, well-made, business plan. The very first thing on the list should be determining what product or service you will be selling. You also need to know who your target market is going to be, as well as find out who and how tough your competitors are. How are you going to shell out your capital to start up? Do you have sufficient funds, or are you going to need the help of a backer in order to get started? These are just some of the things that you need to think about and settle the soonest possible time. It might seem a bit frightening, but you can’t expect something like this to be just a quick walk in the park, can you?

consider starting your own

consider starting your own


There is nothing wrong with spending a lot of time developing and improving your product/service. Hey, everything to keep the customer happy, right? But don’t expect for orders to come in if you don’t have any plans in giving marketing some thought. Don’t fall into that trap, because there are a lot of entrepreneurs out there who fail because of this tiny error. Make sure that you make marketing as one of your top priorities. The best way is to commission someone to create a website for you. In that light, you also need to make sure you tap into social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and multiply for added publicity. Don’t make it too hard for customers to find you.

start your own business,

start your own business,

Patience Is a Virtue

As mentioned earlier, success in web-based ventures don’t happen overnight. Which is why, you need lots of patience and hard work in order to get to your goals one by one. It doesn’t matter how small or how slow it is, the important thing is that the ball has already started rolling—you just need to keep on finding ways to keep it that way permanently. Don’t be too quick on deciding to quit your job. You are going to need all the financial help you can get during the early stages.

Make your web-based business your passion. Be determined. Be energetic. Be realistic. Start taking baby steps and it won’t be long until you find yourself making giant leaps to success.

How To Be Sure She Is The One for You?

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Yeah, maybe you often heard or read scenarios like someone asking a married person “How would you know that she is the one you wanted to get married with?” and then the latter would answer “Well, you just know it.” Not really the answer that you seek out, right? Does this means that there is no real answer to this question?

Well, actually there is. And maybe, men who answer as the example above had no time to elaborate. You know, emotions are just too complex to explain rapidly. The answer can be long or short but one thing is for sure, you will know that she is the one for you if you feel or think the following:

1. There is no one else. If you are in a relationship with a girl and it never crossed your mind to bond with another, then you are with someone you want to be with. Like you didn’t even have the interest to hang out with other girls. And that at the end of the day, you think about what your girlfriend will say about what you did for the day or you wonder how she spent her day. This doesn’t need to be filling your thoughts thing. Just passing thoughts, thinking of talking to your girlfriend about a day’s events. You think about this instead of going out with friends and meeting other people, possibly girls.

How to Make Sure She Texts You

How to Make Sure She Texts You

2. Everything just slides into place. Well, this can be subjective to what type of relationship or drama you can tolerate. But basically, if you date someone and everything is smooth sailing like there is no major problem, then you are with someone you can be with for a lifetime. If your friends accept her or your family is alright about your relationship, this means everything is going well.

3. You like her. Well, you might think “Hey, I like her alright” and then look at how sexy she is, then that is not the same page with what ‘like’ here is. Like is when you can talk to her, laugh with her and feel comfortable with her. Like her when you don’t want to change anything major about her. Like her when you don’t have to be anybody else when you are with her. Then you are with someone you would want to marry. Well, of course, you have to like her the way ‘like’ is when she is sexy.

4. You are friends. You know, when you marry someone and you want it for keeps, you will get to be old with this person. By that time, gone are the delicious curves and smooth skin. The only thing that will keep you both sane, still living together, is your friendship. If you are with someone you are friends with then she is the one for you.

 Even now I feel uncomfortable

Even now I feel uncomfortable

5. If you don’t feel uncomfortable with the thought of marrying her. If you look at your girlfriend and really feel comfortable about marrying her and seeing her every day, after sleep, and it is not scaring the wits out of you, then you can propose and start planning your wedding.

Knowing she is the one is not all of the above. If you say yes to most of the situations above, then you are with the girl you are likely to marry.

How to Negotiate for a Salary Increase

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Most, if not all, employees want their efforts appreciated in terms of a higher paycheck. A pat on the back may show praise but when ends no longer meet, the pat, however sincere, no longer suffices. How should you ask for a raise? What should you avoid doing? When should you ask? It’s all about doing the right thing at the right moment.

Go over and beyond and take note of the times you did.

If you do something right and you are paid for it that is just fair. If you do something extraordinary, though, and it becomes a habit, it is very well to your advantage. You are clearly an asset to the company you are working for. While it may be in your nature to go over and beyond, make sure to record them because you may tend to forget and have a hard time remembering when you need the list like when asking for a raise. From the point of view of your boss, it is easier to give in to your request if he/she sees that you deserve it, whether obviously or by showing the list of your extraordinary achievements.

Prepare a list of what else you can do for the company.

Hiring someone is an investment on the company’s part. Often, employers want their employees to grow with them. That way, they benefit each other. If you can think of ways how you can improve the company in your specific area or expertise, you are more likely to be granted the raise you plan to ask. Base your request on what the company can gain and not what your personal needs are.

How to Negotiate a Salary With

How to Negotiate a Salary With

Know when it’s time or not.

You may be the best employee in your company or you may have the best plans that anyone can think of, yet the timing can still be wrong. Is the company earning money? If the company is still in its early stages of existence, not yet breaking even, how can you expect to be paid higher than you are being paid now?

a raise might be on your

a raise might be on your

Know your highest monetary worth.

Do a research about the current market trend. How much is the going rate of the kind of job you are holding? With the kind of expertise and skills that you have, how much are employers willing to pay for in order to use what you know and can do? If you have special skills that others do not, the higher your monetary worth goes. Knowing your worth makes you stay within a certain range of what makes you ecstatic and what makes you happy. Ask for the ecstatic rate but you when your employer starts to negotiate then you can go down as low as your happy rate.

Don’t build walls nor burn bridges.

When your efforts have failed, take it objectively. Even if you decide to end your career in that company, usually to seek greener pasture, you will often need a recommendation from your former boss. You can never tell what the future holds but if you build walls and burn bridges you can fairly have the idea that you cannot depend on what used to be.

Asking for a salary increase depends on how happy the company you are working for is and its financial capacity to give in to your request. Let the company know what’s in it for them and how much it will cost them. If they cannot afford to lose you, you are likely to get your request.